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Types of TV Consoles

TV Console Singapore

Gone are the days when having a Tv just meant that you had to put it on a stand necessarily. There are many other updated and trendy options available now. Ones that are absolutely safe for children too and won’t have wires hanging all around. Let’s have a look at some of the best options you can choose for your living room:

Wall-Mounted TV Console

As the name speaks for itself, a wall-mounted Tv Console is nothing but just a Tv mounted on a wall. Having a wall-mounted TV console will make your living room look bigger and save a lot of your space, as this kind of set up does not necessarily need an entire entertainment unit in combination. The Tv can be placed independently in the wall with or without any type of furniture to accompany it. The best thing about choosing a wall-mounted tv console is that, if you are placing it independently, you can put it anywhere and can also change its place as and when you want!

Built-in TV Console

This type of TV Console could probably be termed as the all in one package that can make your life a lot more easier and simpler! A built-in TV Console comes with the much-needed storage space below the Tv that can accommodate your remotes, play stations and other TV accessories. These units tend to last longer since they are built right in front of your eyes. Not only do these consoles provide storage, but they also contribute towards making your home look classier and attractive. You can be assured that your things will be and look pretty organized if you choose a built-in TV console.

Floating TV Console

A floating Tv console means a TV floating on the wall and a chest of drawers or shelves below to make up for your storage needs. They are safe for children as the wires and plugs are well-covered, and you definitely do not have a reason to worry! These types of TV consoles provide a very modern and minimalistic look and make the house or any space look nicer!

Suspended TV Console

These are customized with great attention and brilliance as we thoroughly consider what you want and how you want it. We make sure that your TV console catches the eye of every member who visits your space. A suspended TV Console has a Tv mounted on the wall along with a couple of well-designed shelves that make up for a little bit of storage, a storage that is enough to accommodate the TV’s accessories.

TV Console Table

Surprisingly, a TV Console Table is not given the due importance that it should be getting. Have you ever imagined what would happen if there was no table to support the TV or its components? With us, you can be sure of getting unique designs for your TV console table. We have a wide range of designs available, and we can also customize the same based on your requests and suggestions.

TV Console Cabinet

A TV Console Cabinet can be termed as the most useful one as it is a Cabinet that will provide ample space for storage. It is not unknown that different people have different ideas and plans for storage. Therefore, we make sure that we customize these cabinets as per our clients’ choice so that they have a pleasant and comfortable experience with these cabinets in the future!

TV Console Singapore

Televisions are an essential aspect of one’s living room or any other place they want to put up a television. When we talk about options that accompany a TV setup, there are many. But what decided the kind of tv console you want to put up? Of course, you! It solely depends on you about how you want the console to be. If you are a person who likes just an independent tv to be stuck on a wall, your best choice would be a wall-mounted tv console, but if you are a person who wants a nice and classy shelf to go along with the tv, floating tv console could be what you have been looking for! Anyhow, your options are not only limited to these two types of tv consoles. There are some more to make your decision easier. Remember, whatever you choose, we are always there to design anything of your choice as per your specifications and then also take up the responsibility to install it.

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