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Floating TV Console

Haven’t we all seen a TV stuck to the wall and then wondered, Oh my God, where are all those wires of the television set? Well, those people who don’t prefer to watch the clutter opt for floating TV Consoles. A nice sleek tv stuck on the wall and a small little storage space below is pretty much what a floating tv console is! A floating tv console constitutes one of the cleanest and crisp entertainment counter looks and improves your space’s look amazingly well! If you ask us about what is the latest design in the market, this one for sure is your answer! Having a floating tv console will make your living room look classy and, most importantly, neat! The endless wires, remotes, and all the other accessories associated with tv are hidden, and oh so well! This also means that your cleaning process of that particular space becomes more manageable and better. The best part about this setup is that you get numerous options for interior design. You can design the background however you want, and you can choose any color that you wish! It could be an utterly wooden setup or even vinyl!

TV Console Singapore

Advantages of having a Floating TV Console

The advantages of choosing a floating tv console are that they are the neatest option you will find in today’s times. Their ability to enhance your living room’s overall look is just excellent, and they give more reasons than one to be chosen by you! Here are a few advantages that you will experience if you choose a floating tv console:

Safest choice with kids around.

A floating tv console is considered children-friendly or safe for kids because there are no wires or any other thing visible which the children can pull or meddle with. When you compare the setup of a floating tv console with different choices, you will be glad to find out that since the tv is stuck up so high, there is no chance that a child can even reach anywhere close to it! If you opt for a regular tv stand, there may be a chance that the kids may shake it, and it may fall off on their head and hurt them! Therefore, a floating tv console takes off such worries from the head of the user!

A Floating TV Stand Saves a lot of Space

Since stuck to a wall in case of a floating Tv console, a TV saves a lot of ground space that would have otherwise been taken up had you chosen a regular tv stand! Since it does not take up any floor space and is floating on the wall, it justifies the name- floating tv console. Since a floating tv console basically means attaching the tv to the wall, you can pretty much put it on any wall of your choice!

A Floating TV Console is modern and minimalistic

In case you are struggling with the management of space in your house, this should be your best option since it saves a lot of space and also gives you a really modern look. You can always have a few shelves built below it to take care of storage.

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